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Canadian Folk-Roots Artist, Andy Griffiths, studied architecture in his younger days. Yet, music has always remained a passion closer to his heart. He’d study architecture, graduate, become an entrepreneurial architectural designer, look after aging parents, raise a family, travel the world and at one point … lose his thyroid to cancer. This final detail helped Andy refocus his musical endeavours ... resulting in recording his first solo album ’LOOKING AT A LIFE’ ... released in September 2011.

For much of his life, Andy has continued to pursue his love of music … writing and recording songs he had penned whenever opportunity presented itself! He had played in a variety of working cover bands until 2009. At which point, Andy started playing mostly original shows, feature sets, and new original tunes at open stages. During this time Andy wrote many of the songs on his debut album.

Andy released album #2 … ‘MIND ON OTHER THINGS’ a couple of years later. Drawing on influences from the Beatles, Crowded House, Lee Harvey Osmond (Tom Wilson), the Verve, Tom Petty ... just to name a few. You will find a selection of tunes ranging from East Coast folk flavour to rocking rootsy power pop. Once again, boasting a selection of some of the top, world class, musicians from in and around Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Area. 


Album #3 ‘OUR CAT FLASH’ took a slightly different twist. Andy ventured into the world of children’s music and released a collection of 9 original songs and 2 cover songs in late 2018, An album that has been compared to the music of Fred Penner and Raffi. To compliment this album, Andy and his wife, award winning artist Helen Griffiths, self published a children’s picture book based on the words from his song ‘Our Cat Flash’. This book was conceived, designed and printed in Canada in early 2019.

‘STELLA STARTED IT’ is Andy’s latest project of original folk-roots music in the works. ‘Stella’ is looking forward to be released to the world in the not too distant future.

Andy’s live band consists of top shelf professional musicians who have appeared in many of his recordings. And include good friends ... Andrew Aldridge (lead guitar), Frank Koren (lead guitar), Jay Burr (Tuba, guitar, trombone, percussion, backing vocals), Andrew Marshall (bass) and Scott Apted (drums).
The live presentation of this fresh original rootsy folk rock can be configured to suit the venue, the event and /or the budget. ( ie. Duo ... trio ... to full band )



Mind On Other Things​ / Looking At A Life



Mind On Other Things

FOCUS TRACK – Gone Forever

Listen / Stream Tracks - Mind On Other Things

TRACK LISTING - Mind On Other Things

  1. Gone Forever 3:22

  2. Mind On Other Things 3:51

  3. Your Style and Your Smile 3:31

  4. We Sing for Your Love 3:54

  5. Lost My Groove 2:08

  6. Garbage Into Space 3:28

  7. The Fog Has Lifted 6:37

  8. Don't Let It Bring You Down Demo (Bonus Track) 4:47

  9. Gone Forever Demo (Bonus Track)

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Looking At A Life​

FOCUS TRACK – You Fill Me Up

Listen / Stream Tracks - Looking At A Life

TRACK LISTING - Looking At A Life

  1. The Stars Will Dance 4:35

  2. You Fill Me Up 3:46

  3. Hooked 3:19

  4. Lend a Hand 5:59

  5. Bear With Me 4:54

  6. Looking At a Life Gone By 4:54

  7. Bare Bones 3:22

  8. Don't Listen to Me 4:13

  9. Don't Let It Bring You Down 4:51

  10. She Goes (Thru the Market Place) 5.24




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